ILE setup

Endeavour School is a purpose built Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) School. Nearing the end of the 20th Century Education started to take some paradigm shifts in thinking. The way we understand learners and how people learnt, along with the broader view of curriculum delivery and a focus on developing learning dispositions as well as curriculum content; we had to think more creatively about the learning spaces our children learnt in, and consider whether they were still fit for purpose. 

Being purpose built has allowed Endeavour School to better support children with the various ways of learning and ensure that our spaces provide context and flexibility. Having construction spaces, collaborative spaces, quiet spaces, a space where the teacher can teach one too many or one too few are all examples of how we can fit the environmental space to the learning. 

Furthermore, our ILE’s promote and support genuine collaboration between teachers. Research suggests environments that allow teachers to work and learn collaboratively are likely to lead to better learning outcomes for children than single teacher spaces.

At Endeavour School we feel privileged that our Learning Environments are designed in a way that allow our children to learn in ways that best meet their needs, through a combination of learning with a teacher, learning on their own in a focussed setting, collaborating in groups, sitting, standing and being able to move physically. Through our well designed spaces and carefully thought out programme design which fosters collaboration amongst teachers and students, Endeavour School Children are supported to take charge and see learning as something they do.

We welcome a visit to see our spaces in action.