At Endeavour School we believe in supporting children with not only content knowledge but also their learning dispositions. We refer to ETC’s as the dispositions we believe are important for all learners to develop. 


Is able to research for fact and opinion to support and extend understanding. We believe that an Endeavour Explorer is self motivated and able to monitor their own learning when taking risks, through investigation and discovery.
  • I can research to find out new information
  • I am curious, motivated, takes responsibility and investigates independently
  • I can make choices about my learning
  • I can gain meaning through a variety of media, technology, symbols and language forms
  • I can use a variety of tools and resources to support my learning
  • I am a risk taker who is willing to reflect on my mistakes
  • I can give things a go


Responds appropriately to a range of communications and ideas.
We believe that an Endeavour Thinker is a powerful thinker is someone who can actively seek knowledge, ask questions and think critically, creatively and in a caring manner.
  • I can share my own ideas and listen to the ideas of others
  • I can use a variety of thinking tools and strategies to support my learning and solve problems
  • Is confident and engaged with my learning – I know how to learn
  • I can ask an effective range of questions to inquire and reflect
  • I can ask skinny and fat questions
  • I know how to ask a question?
  • I know the difference between a question and a statement
  • I use technology and resources to my best advantage
  • I use technology to design, share or create
  • I can choose the right tool or resource for my learning
  • I am resilient when learning
  • I can persist with my learning


Is an active participant in all activity.
We believe that an Endeavour Citizen is able to interact effectively with thought and care for themselves, each other, their environment and the wider community both local & global.
  • I can give things a go
  • I can demonstrate leadership skills
  • I utilise strong interpersonal skills
  • I can be responsible and self manage my learning (I can follow instructions, I am focused on my learning)
  • I respect and empathise with the rights, ideas, opinions and culture of others
  • I show consideration for others
  • I am a collaborative team player
  • I can share my own ideas
  • I contribute and can make a difference to my community and the wider community (local and global)
  • I value positive and respectful relationships