March 2023 - Edition 2
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Endeavour School Newsletter

16th March 2023

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Students,

Some of you may know that I am lucky enough to be an elected Trustee on the Wel Energy Trust. This Trust which is owned by all of us, gives around $17,000,000.00 back into the community through granting of community organisations as well as the annual rebate scheme.
One of these community organisations / events is the Balloons over Waikato where this year the trust gave $85,000.00 to support this iconic Hamilton Event.

This morning I was fortunate to be able to put on my Trustee t-shirt and hand out cups of milk and muffins to the hundreds, likely thousands of children and parents who turned up at the lake to see the balloons up close and watch them take off over the lake. What I enjoyed the most was seeing the wonderment and awe of the masses. With a global environment that at times can seem a bit doom and gloom, I feel it is important to at times pause and deliberately take stock of the good that is in front and often surrounding us. This morning was one of those moments.

On Monday I shared a quote with the children "be a Warrior not a Worrier". This generated some good discussion. What I encouraged it to lead to was a mindset shift. It is ok to worry, this is a very normal emotion, we all do it. However, we are in control for how long we worry for. The next step is to show courage and take action, do something about whatever maybe concerning you. It could be as simple as seeking support.

As I sign off for this fortnight, I encourage you at some stage over the weekend to find wonderment and awe in your context, it feels good.

Warm Regards,


Term 1 - 2023

17th March - Inter-School Swimming Sports
21st to 23rd March - Student Led Conferences
6th April - Term 1 Ends
24th April - Term 2 Starts
25th April - ANZAC DAY


NZ Symphony Orchestra

Zoom Session

We were lucky enough to have a zoom session with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on the 8th March. We listened to performances from lots of different types of musicians:
  • String
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Timpani/Percussion
We also were able to ask the musicians any questions we had. It was interesting to find out how many of the musicians had played from a very young age and how much practice was involved!

Thanks NZSO!


The children were great Endeavour Citizens, who were very excited to learn more when we arrived.
The show involved short showpieces and then explanations about dance moves. They even involved the children in an audience dance experience!
We also had an opportunity to ask the ballerinas questions, and our school was ready to find out more.
A selection of our students asked questions including what is your favourite dance move? So each ballerina gave us an example!

Kea Kids News!

Kea Kids News (NZ Herald and on Prime TV) was at the event and spoke to many of our children about their pre-show expectations and post-show opinions.

They had originally asked parental permission to speak to two children but found our children so eager and articulate that many of them had a turn! The interviews will be out shortly.

Thank you once again to our parent helpers for making it possible to attend the event!

Birdlife Productions

Last week we had Birdlife Productions come to Endeavour School to perform ‘The Boy with Wings.’

Here is a bit about the show:
In māori mythology, kuaka are regarded as mysterious birds who signal the arrival of spring and still, to this day, there is ‘mystery’ surrounding their journey. So welcome to ‘The Boy with Wings’, where the power of puppetry and a great story brings wonderment to children's lives.

In this high-tech fast-paced digital world, our performance offers students a significant counter to ‘screen time’ that allows space in ‘real-time’ for them to watch, listen and reflect. This story appeals to the hearts of children, helping them build resilience, reflecting for them qualities of care and kindness towards others and their environment, and recognition that sometimes we need to push through challenges to get what we need!

Thank you Birdlife Productions we really enjoyed the shows!

Mug Art

Lastly, a thank you to the community for completing the Calendar vs Mug Art Survey. Based on this feedback Mug art is now underway across the school. These will be available to be purchased for Mother’s Day or simply for someone special!

More information to follow.

Kylee Edwards



Closing date for Issue 2 Orders : Friday 17th March



In term 2 Feedzone Café orders will close at 8am on the day of delivery!
You can order lunch through the Endeavour School Online Shop - KINDO
Simple and easy and open 24/7!
Subway Rototuna – Wed/Fri (orders close 9am on the day of delivery)
Feedzone Cafe at Fastlane Fitness (orders close 8am on the day of delivery)
You can order (or cancel) before the cut off time or schedule in advance.

ezlunch Easter Promotion

Order ezlunch for delivery from Monday 27 March to Thursday 6 April and go in the draw to WIN a Lego Creator 3-in-1 White Rabbit. The winner will be drawn on Thursday 6 April 2023 and be notified by phone and/or email. Every lunch order gets another chance to win. Go to to start ordering.


LC 3 & LC 4

LC3 and LC4 have been working super hard this year to be Endeavour Thinkers, Citizens and Explorers and earn't themselves a water play reward last Friday afternoon.

We played some water games and races before sliding across the water slide and having a water fight!

It was a lovely afternoon full of fun and laughs - especially when the children decided to get the teachers!!


A few photos of our Swimming Sports Day on 15th March. We could feel the excitement in the air as students waited for buses to transport them to the Fairfield College Pool. The weather was perfect. Races and events ran according to plan. And most importantly much fun was had by all. What an awesome day! Many thanks to our Event Organisers and all our helpers, and to our parents and caregivers who were able to come along and support the students. Thank you.


A very special thank you to Marc Doyle Treeworks for donating their time and expertise to assist us with our flag pole.
We really appreciate your help.
We are now able to proudly fly our flag!



2023 Term Dates

TERM 1 - 1 Feb 2023 - 6 April 2023
TERM 2 - 24 April 2023 - 30 June 2023
TERM 3 - 17 July 2023 - 22 September 2023
TERM 4 - 9 October 2023 - 12 December 2023